Hunger & High Nutrient Diets

IT’S THE QUALITY, STUPID…  Of the uncountable diets that are out there, none that I am aware of balance the quality of the food to the calorie.  Some, like Weight Watchers, look only at the calorie.  Others, like Atkins, look only at the macronutrients.  There is no doubt that our bodies do much better with […]

Multivitamins and their Benefits

IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING A MULTIVITAMIN, WHY THE HECK NOT?  Let’s first differentiate those “one per day” type of multivitamins and a real multivitamin.  The problem is that you can only squeeze so many milligrams of vitamins and minerals into a tablet.  And a good quality multi is going to pay little relevance to the […]

Do You Give Your Kid’s Gatorade?

GATORADE FOR ACTIVE KIDS?  Gatorade (in it’s original form without all the iridescent colors and artificial sweeteners) was designed for the athlete who hits the wall at 60 minute of heavy aerobic activity and needs rapid glucose for the next hour.  And, quite frankly, it does a good job at this.  And ONLY this.  But, […]

Joint Pain Chiropractic Mesa AZ

CAN STRESS DESTROY OUR JOINTS?  Catecholamines are hormones released by the adrenal glands, the most recognized of which is adrenaline.  Looking at the article, it suggests that catecholamines might have some pretty potent anti-inflammatory effects and may always be at work controlling inflammation within a joint.  However, in the initial stages of joint degeneration there is a loss […]

Whoohoo! Best News of the Year for Your Brain!!

Ok..we may be jumping the gun because this is a rat study (here is a study PETA can’t complain about!).  But hey…if it turns out to not work in humans are you really going to go stamping angrily to the authors and complain? Despite the old adage about losing brain cells in college, our brains really do […]