Multivitamins and their Benefits

IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING A MULTIVITAMIN, WHY THE HECK NOT?  Let’s first differentiate those “one per day” type of multivitamins and a real multivitamin.  The problem is that you can only squeeze so many milligrams of vitamins and minerals into a tablet.  And a good quality multi is going to pay little relevance to the […]

Multivitamins and Their Benefits

CAN A SIMPLE MULTIVITAMIN HELP AVOID HERNIAS?  It’s funny.  Out of all the surgeries we do on humans, I have always said that the decision for hernia surgery is pretty cut and dry.  Can’t exactly take this or that herb to heal the hernia.  BUT, this article suggest that zinc or copper deficiencies may contribute […]

On Thyroid Medication? Drastically Improve Thyroid Function with This

Thyroid conditions are far too common. Mainstream medicine’s approach is to medicate with thyroid hormones. From my perspective, I’m always looking for why an incredibly important organ in the human body would just up and get lazy. If this was your heart that stopped working at 28, your doctors would be up in arms trying […]