Vitamin E and Its Benefits

WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT “VITAMIN E” MAY BE WRONG..When most people talk about Vit E (physicians included) most are referring to the alpha tocopherol version of Vit E.  However, Vit E actually has 8 forms (4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols).  Alpha tocopherol is what is present in almost all low quality Vit E supplements, and […]

Multivitamins and their Benefits

IF YOU’RE NOT TAKING A MULTIVITAMIN, WHY THE HECK NOT?  Let’s first differentiate those “one per day” type of multivitamins and a real multivitamin.  The problem is that you can only squeeze so many milligrams of vitamins and minerals into a tablet.  And a good quality multi is going to pay little relevance to the […]

Multivitamins and Their Benefits

CAN A SIMPLE MULTIVITAMIN HELP AVOID HERNIAS?  It’s funny.  Out of all the surgeries we do on humans, I have always said that the decision for hernia surgery is pretty cut and dry.  Can’t exactly take this or that herb to heal the hernia.  BUT, this article suggest that zinc or copper deficiencies may contribute […]

Tocopherols inhibit cyclooxygenase activity – (11-06-00)

Tocopherols inhibit cyclooxygenase activity Science has spent millions (if not billions) of dollars and many years to develop selective COX-2 inhibitors because the traditional nonselective COX inhibitors were too dangerous. And side effects of these drugs are starting to pop up…deaths and heart failure as a warmup…. But nature does make some very safe and […]

Trial of Antioxidant Supplementation in Critically ill Surgical Patients – (01-09-03)

Trial of Antioxidant Supplementation in Critically ill Surgical Patients Shhhhh!!! We wouldn’t want word of this getting out!! The use of Vit E and C helped improve outcome and shorten hospital stay in critically ill surgical patients. Lets see…(the dosages were not noted here) the best quality supplements (which are usually NOT used in clinically […]