Why Choose Lifecare

The Lifecare Difference – Our Special Program

The Lifecare Chiropractic Wellness Program addresses the needs of your entire body. The human body is an incredible organism, and it can recover from just about any ailment if it is given what it needs to heal. We assess your total health picture and prescribe the services you need for optimum health, including chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, rehabilitative exercise and nutritional counseling.

At Lifecare Chiropractic, we believe that patients should spend the majority of their time with their doctors, not with assistants. At some chiropractic clinics, patients spend just a few minutes with their doctors. When you visit Lifecare Chiropractic, you get quality time with a doctor of chiropractic. We make sure we have the time to explain your treatment and answer your questions.

The doctors at Lifecare Chiropractic care for your muscles as well as your joints. Joints and muscles work together, and they are often injured together. An unresolved soft-tissue injury can lead to joint pain down the road. We have a comprehensive approach to the soft-tissue aspects of our patients’ problems so that they can recover completely and stay well.

Some patients have suffered soft-tissue injuries that are just as debilitating as joint injuries. For these patients we offer the Graston Technique. This therapy uses specially-designed tools to break down scar tissue that restricts your movements and interferes with proper joint alignment. The Graston Technique has been extremely effective for patients who have not been helped by conventional adjustments alone.

For patients who have suffered severe, long-term trauma that has not responded standard care, Lifecare Chiropractic offers a unique treatment: Manipulation under Anesthesia. You can find more about this exciting technique here.

The staff at Lifecare Chiropractic is dedicated to making you as healthy and strong as you can possibly be. We are so confident in our program that we offer a guarantee! While no doctor can promise a particular result, we make the following offer: If, after three visits, you do not feel that you have made a good decision by starting treatment with us, we will refund any money that you have paid.

We invite you to experience the Lifecare Chiropractic difference! To make an appointment, call the Lifecare Chiropractic office at (480) 839-2273 or email us.