Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractors can help their patients to control, and even eliminate, headaches. They are used to being given prescription pain-control or pain-prevention medication by their doctors. What they don’t know is that their headaches may be caused by problems in their musculoskeletal systems.

The Dangers of “Masking the Pain”

Have you visited medical doctors who were quick to prescribe anti-depressants or beta blockers to prevent your headaches, or addictive medications to control your pain? Did they try to find the underlying cause of your headaches? Too often, they do not, and as a result, you never truly receive relief from headache pain. They may also miss a serious disease that is causing your headaches.

While Lifecare Chiropractic cannot diagnose heart disease or neurological dysfunctions, we can identify musculoskeletal disorders, dietary headache triggers and lifestyle factors that contribute to your headaches. Our goal is to treat the causes of your headaches so that you won’t have a need for pain medication.

Headache Treatment at Lifecare Chiropractic

At Lifecare Chiropractic, we examine all the aspects of your body and lifestyle that may be contributing to your headaches. These include your joints, your muscles, your ergonomics, your diet, and your stress level. Once we have evaluated these factors, we create a comprehensive treatment plan.

When treating problems with your musculoskeletal system that are contributing to your headaches, we combine chiropractic adjustment with the best soft-tissue therapies available and advice about the ergonomics of your life. Addressing your headaches in this comprehensive manner increases the chance for you to become headache free under our care.

Client Review

“Mistie was fantastic! I felt like a new person after I walked out of there”
Eric M
Client Review