Dr. Bogash has made our relationship with our family practice doctor virtually superfluous. He takes such great care to give us sound advice that is based on his constant research and knowledge of the physiological functions of the body. He really treats each of the members of our family uniquely and with great dignity, following up any medical attention or advice with a phone call and offering supplementary advice when necessary. We find his role so indispensable, that we have his office number on our cell phone speed dial and recommended him to family and friends often and without hesitation.

I have called Dr. Bogash on my way to the pediatrician with my children to inquire about the latest medical research regarding immunizations and treatments, because I know he is up to date on them, and I know he will answer me honestly if he is not. We have been his patients for almost six years, and regard him as much more than our chiropractor – he is a friend of our family.

Mary M.

Dr. Bogash has done for me in the past 2 months compared to my other Chiro. I was seeing 1-2X week for the past 3 years.

He has helped my range of motion by far with the exception of when I trip and fall. But even then I get such positive healing. My adjustments last about a week. I have problems with cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. I also suffer from Neuropathic pain.

I hurt so bad I just didn’t want to move. He has given me the motivation I needed and still need. He has helped me with my nutritional needs also. He does this without making you feel stupid or it’s your fault.

Thank you Doctor!

Dr Bogash has helped me with a lot of problems. One that comes to mind would be the time I slammed the trunk of my SUV down on my head. I had a bad headaches, neck aches and shoulder aches. Dr. Bogash worked on all the problem spots and I was able to get on with my activities like before. I am accident prone and have found the right DR to stay on top of my numerous concerns.

Kathy E.

I had severe and limiting use of my right arm due to a fall while hiking, after a few sessions, I no longer have pain in my shoulder area and can raise my arm high in the air and rotate my shoulder for a full range of motion.

Thank you,

Brenda S.

The FirstLine Therapy Class was wonderful and full of good information that has helped me change how I manage my health and my pain.

Dr. Bogash is wonderful and full of knowledge in so many areas. He’s advice has been greatly appreciated and my quality of life has been greatly improved.

I would and have recommended Lifecare Chiropractic to all my friends and co-workers.

Julia W.

I am very pleased with the better feeling since coming to see Dr. James Bogash. I was sent by a friend and I was so happy to find such a great person as Dr. Bogash.

He is gentle and caring DR.

He helps a person so much I can’t thank of going to anyone else as I have so much faith in what he has done for me.

What a wonderful person he has been to help me.

Patricia K.

I really enjoy coming to see James once a month. My back feels great and I feel very relaxed. I also enjoy the friendly conversations.

Robby W.

I can walk because of Dr. Bogash! He was able to treat my back (which he did on Thanksgiving day) and enabled me to recover without back surgery.

Dr. Bogash always goes “the extra mile”. He is interested in the whole human being not just the back.

He keeps on the cutting edge of all facets of health, nutrition and chiropractic.

Phyllis M.

I have been a patient on and off for 9 years. Dr. Bogash cares about his patients, he is very knowledgeable about nutrition, he is kind and understanding. He has helped me through three different accidents (none my fault). I wouldn’t go to anyone else, even if I have to drive a ways.

Valisa V.R.

At the time I began getting massages and adjustment at Dr. Bogash’s office I was having migraine problems. I take preventative RX for them but would have break through headaches that required Zomig. Since going to Dr. Bogash I only take the preventative RX and have not needed to use Zomig in 2 years. My neurologist is very happy with the results; as am I! Thank-you Dr. Bogash.

Lynn E.

Dr. Bogash is a good doctor, he’s helped me with my back, he’s good about helping with eating healthy.

Ryan, R.L.







It has been a GREAT pleasure to find a chiropractor that TRULY knows his stuff !!!

Frances L. C.

I came to Dr. Bogash’s office in excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk, stand, sit or lie down.

My leg was filled with muscles that were all bunched up. One visit with Dr. Bogash and I could walk out of the office by the third visit I was ready to go on vacation, nine days in Massachusetts. Thank God for Dr. Bogash.

Virginia R.

My upper back and neck had flared up to the point where I could barely turn my head from side to side. I called Dr. Bogash in the morning and he was able to work me into his busy day. By lunchtime, he had worked the area and I was able to turn my head better. I really appreciated that impromptu appointment in my time of need.

Richard H.

Does getting an 82-year-old back on the tennis court qualify for a chiropractic testimonial? I had fallen on the court several years earlier and through various rehab efforts was playing again. But there was still a weakness that made me reluctant to continue. Dr. Bogash encouraged me and proceeded with a series of treatments. As a result I was active on the courts for the whole season last year and can’t wait for cool weather to get out there again. I have been on the “healthy lifestyle track” for most of my life and he is helping me keep up the exercise portion.

Pat G.