Elbow pain/Epicondylitis

See the Graston technique in action  With today’s lifestyles of heavy computer and cell phone use, elbow pain is common. Fortunately, conservative treatment for elbow pain can be very effective.Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, little leaguers elbow, medial or lateral epicondylitis. Elbow pain goes by many names but all have similar causes. It’s a form of tendonitis, and overuse injury.


Pain on the outside of the elbow, usually during or after intense use, is the first sign of tennis elbow. In some cases, lifting or grasping objects may be difficult. Some people have pain that radiates down the arm.


Because this injury is caused by overuse of the wrist extensors (muscles that pull the hand up) rest is the first treatment step.

In most cases, overworked, tightened muscles that attach to the bone of the elbow constantly tug at the insertion into the bone, creating inflammation. This inflammation heals with some scar tissue, making it easier to re-injure. Thus the cycle repeats itself.

Lifecare Chiropractic’s Approach

We take a strong soft tissue approach to these conditions, fully addressing the problems in the muscle groups and their insertions to help patients recover from their injuries. Techniques like Graston help to address chronic problems associated with the deposition of scar tissue. Low level laser can be used as an adjunct to further stimulate healing and calm inflammation. Braces can be used to take stress off the elbow. We will address ergonomic and postural issues that may be associated with your condition.

We are specialists in the use of the Graston technique to treat soft tissues. This therapy uses specially-designed tools to break down scar tissue that restricts your movements and interferes with proper joint alignment.

Two very effective therapy techniques are the Graston technique and low-level laser therapy. These soft-tissue procedures focus on the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the forearm, and can be extremely effective for managing carpal tunnel syndrome. We also analyze your posture and the ergonomics of your work area to see if either of these factors are contributing to your problem.

Client Review

“Great, professional service here. I went for the laser lipo. Can’t say I’ve seen results but have only had 4 treatments so far. Love the whole body vibration plate though!”
Angela G.
Client Review