Graston Technique

graston techniqueGraston Technique uses patented, specially designed tools to address both chronic and acute injuries. This is the premier method for treating soft tissue injuries and has actually been shown to convert scar tissue back to functional, healthy tissue.

While many patients are surprised to find that they do have scar tissue or fascial restrictions that are contributing to their problem, remember that just about any injury–from a broken bone to an automobile crash to surgery to even a minor sprain/strain injury–can result in improper healing and resultant scar tissue.

And this scar tissue can remain for decades unless an intervention like Graston Technique is used to affect it. For this reason, Dr. Bogash welcomes patients who have failed at all other treatment methods–this technique is this effective and this unique.

Watch the following videos to see how the Graston Technique is applied to various treatment areas:
Graston Technique for Knee
Graston Technique for Elbow Pain/Epicondylitis
Graston Technique for Wrist Pain/Carpal Tunnel

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