Short Term Weight Loss With Carb Restriction

LIPID PROBLEMS?  WHAT’S BETTER–CARB OR CALORIE RESTRICTION?  Most importantly, we need to recognize (most) lipid problems for what they are–prediabetes.  This is frequently glossed over and the patient is put on statins for high cholesterol (which will, ironically, increase the risk of diabetes!).  So, if high triglycerides are found and the issue is prediabetes, it […]

Artificial Sweeteners: Lessons for the Slow Learners

It seemed like, for a brief period, society was finally catching onto the idea that artificial sweeteners, in all amounts and all types, was a bad thing. Then the moment passed. I continue to see almost every single gum available in stores with artificial sweeteners (and typically more than one type is used).  And just […]

Artificial Sweeteners and Bad Decisions-Surprising Links

Despite the mounting evidence on just how bad they are for us, artificial sweeteners remain on the market in just about everything we consume. Think that just because you avoid diet sodas you’re safe?  Bought any chewing gum lately?  Use any protein workout drinks?  Did your doctor recommend Medifast shakes?  How about pretty much anything […]