Hunger & High Nutrient Diets

IT’S THE QUALITY, STUPID…  Of the uncountable diets that are out there, none that I am aware of balance the quality of the food to the calorie.  Some, like Weight Watchers, look only at the calorie.  Others, like Atkins, look only at the macronutrients.  There is no doubt that our bodies do much better with […]

Short Burst Aerobic – Mesa AZ Stem Cell Chiropractic

IF YOU CAN’T EXERCISE THIS MUCH, JUST HANG IT UP NOW….Gotta love us lazy humans.  Just how little exercise, how little we have to exert and how infrequent do we have to exercise and still get a benefit.  Not that I advocate hanging out of the bottom of the bell curve, but in this study participants bursts on […]

Low T Symptoms and Fertility; Barking up the Wrong Tree?

I could not be more against testosterone supplementation. Sure, patients feel better and have more energy, but people on cocaine have more energy, too. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Several years ago, very aggressive marketing by the manufacturers of testosterone supplementation put “low T” on the map, leading to a huge uptake of lab […]

Low T Symptoms – Is This the REAL Answer for a Cure?

Low T syndrome. Low testosterone. Male sexual dysfunction. Doesn’t matter what you call it, I couldn’t be more against the use of testosterone replacement. Much to my chagrin, I hear a local clinic advertising on the radio station we have playing at the office several times per day. What I find interesting about this clinic’s […]

Diabetes and the Secret of Erectile Dysfunction – The Answer Lies Here

Let’s face it, erectile dysfunction, or ED as it is known in the radio commercials, is not a good thing. For us men, back in the late teens, twenties or thirties there could be few things less desirable.  For some reason, though, as we age it becomes almost acceptable for erectile dysfunction.  Maybe it’s because, […]