Hunger & High Nutrient Diets

IT’S THE QUALITY, STUPID…  Of the uncountable diets that are out there, none that I am aware of balance the quality of the food to the calorie.  Some, like Weight Watchers, look only at the calorie.  Others, like Atkins, look only at the macronutrients.  There is no doubt that our bodies do much better with […]

The Western Diet – Mesa AZ Neck Pain Chiropractor

THE WESTERN DIET KILLS US YET AGAIN…Inflammatory bowel disease is when your body attacks its own gut.  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s are the biggies.  Not only are these diseases bad enough all on their own, but these conditions are associated with much higher rates of colorectal cancer.  This particular study implicates the Western Diet (high […]

Mesa AZ Chiropractor Gives Warning About Consuming Food Coloring

Avoid Artificial Food Colors – ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO GIVE THAT BRILLIANTLY COLORED, CARCINOGENIC JUNK FOOD TO YOUR CHILD?  Many are not aware that the coal tar dyes (you know, the ones with the label like FD&C #7…and why exactly are #1-6 no longer used??) are suspected carcinogens.  I remember asking a patient to […]

Mesa AZ Chiropractor Explains Why Fat Isn’t a Bad Thing

Fat Isn’t a Bad Thing BUT I THOUGHT “FAT” WAS FATTENING??  Man did the 90’s screw us all up.  That darn food pyramid was one of the worst things to happen to our health after the Value Meal.  Because of this decade, we began to associate “fat” with fattening.  This is just not true, and […]

Bacterium Linked to Crohn’s Disease to Be Removed From Milk in UK – (11-02-00)

Bacterium Linked to Crohn’s Disease to Be Removed From Milk in UK My gosh…how much more evidence do we need???? Cow’s milk is NOT good for us. Loaded with hormones and antibiotics, a very common allergen, may actually contribute to fractures instead of protect, linked to Type I diabetes in children, and now this? When […]