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THE WESTERN DIET KILLS US YET AGAIN…Inflammatory bowel disease is when your body attacks its own gut.  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s are the biggies.  Not only are these diseases bad enough all on their own, but these conditions are associated with much higher rates of colorectal cancer.  This particular study implicates the Western Diet (high […]

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Catecholamine-Producing Cells in the Synovial Tissue During Arthritis CAN STRESS DESTROY OUR JOINTS?  Catecholamines are hormones released by the adrenal glands, the most recognized of which is adrenaline.  Looking at the article, it suggests that catecholamines might have some pretty potent anti-inflammatory effects and may always be at work controlling inflammation within a joint.  However, in the […]

Appendicitis Concerns: Don’t Rush to Have it Removed

  The common belief is that, if your appendix becomes inflamed and infected, it needs to come out now.  As in like “emergency surgery” now. It’s one of those situations where you would never think about doing a randomized study on it because it would be withholding life-saving medical treatment from those in the placebo […]

Do Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Drugs Lead to Cancer?

For those who have educated themselves, the big fear of uncontrolled gastrointestinal reflux disease is that it could turn into esophageal cancer. Because of this fear, people accept the idea that using drugs that block stomach acid is the right thing to do.  After all, acid splashes up on the esophagus and damages the lining […]

Long-term improvement in functional dyspepsia using hypnotherapy – (01-09-03)

Long-term improvement in functional dyspepsia using hypnotherapy While much of mainstream medicine has forgotten the contribution that stress makes to GI complaints, this article strongly reminds us of the power of the mind. In this study, after one year, 90% of patients treated w/ meds and 84% of patients treated w/ supportive care resumed medication […]