Type 1 Diabetes

POWERFUL NEWS FOR CHILDHOOD DISEASE?? Having a small child myself, the idea of Type 1 diabetes striking in infancy is heartbreaking to me.  I am strongly in favor of research to help ameliorate this condition in children (including islet cell transplantation).  I am even more strongly in favor of increasing and implementing our preventative efforts.  […]

Uncommon Supplement Knocks Out Type 1 Diabetes

Of all the forms of diabetes, Type 1 in children is the hardest for me to swallow. This is because it does not come from something the child did. And while there are many things that have been shown to increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes, the parents of these children are generally not […]

Bacterium Linked to Crohn’s Disease to Be Removed From Milk in UK – (11-02-00)

Bacterium Linked to Crohn’s Disease to Be Removed From Milk in UK My gosh…how much more evidence do we need???? Cow’s milk is NOT good for us. Loaded with hormones and antibiotics, a very common allergen, may actually contribute to fractures instead of protect, linked to Type I diabetes in children, and now this? When […]

Critical Supplement for ALL Type 1 Diabetics

Type 1 diabetes, as opposed to the more common type 2 diabetes, usually strikes children, leading to a lifetime of carb counting and insulin pumps. As the father of a now-8-year-old son, I could not imagine him living life attached to an insulin pump.  Type 1 diabetes can also strike adults, but more often than […]

The importance of the GI tract – (05-05-03)

Increased intestinal permeability as a cause of fluctuating postprandial blood glucose levels in Type 1 diabetic patients. This article really reminds us of (or should wake others up to…) the importance of the GI tract to every other system and every other disease. Increased intestinal permeability will allow larger molecules to enter into the body […]