The Health of Your Child is Entirely Up to You

THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD BEGINS BEFORE YOU GET PREGNANT.  When you really think about it, our system of healthcare really is screwed up.  The body does not respect the artificial barriers of specialties as we have designated them.  The impact of an OB/GYN making the recommendation for a couple looking to get pregnant to […]

Low T Symptoms and Fertility; Barking up the Wrong Tree?

I could not be more against testosterone supplementation. Sure, patients feel better and have more energy, but people on cocaine have more energy, too. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Several years ago, very aggressive marketing by the manufacturers of testosterone supplementation put “low T” on the map, leading to a huge uptake of lab […]

Are Home Births More Risky?

Forget the meat of the actual article here.  Just skip to the conclusion to find out that home births have a three times higher risk of neonatal morbidity. Scrap home births.  They’re dangerous.  Less medical intervention means higher risk of death to the baby. But wait!  When we read through the meat of this particular […]

Do Migraines Harm Your Developing Baby?

If you have read any of my articles that relates to migraines, then the answer that springs to mind is a strong YES. I really don’t need to belabor the prior bit of information.  Bottom line is, if you suffer from migraines, do not be led into a false sense of security if the migraine […]

Looking for a Healthy Pregnancy? Need to do this First

I know that regular readers will be a little sick of hearing this, but at some point medicine needs to understand the dangers of antibiotics. It seems that the tide is turning, but few still understand just how massively broad-reaching the effects of the bacterial flora of the human body are. And antibiotics just absolutely […]