Mesa AZ Chiropractor Explains Importance of Fish Oil

FISH OILS NOT EFFECTIVE FOR PREVENTING HEART DEATHS.  Sounds disappointing, huh?  And I’m sure this is what we’ll be hearing from the media and doctors everywhere.  The reality is that 1 gram of fish oils (considered a low dose) given for a year, is not effective at lowering the rates of sudden cardiac death in patients who […]

Migraine Doctor Mesa AZ Residents Trust

MIGRAINE SUFFERERS BEWARE NEW PREVENTATIVE APPROACH.  You’ve all read me ranting and raving about how we are completely missing the boat on treatment of migraines.  That migraineuers have an increased risk of heart disease and stroke because the problem is NOT in the brain, but it is in the body.  It is the body screaming […]

Why Exercise is Important – Mesa AZ Back Pain Doctor

IF YOU CAN’T EXERCISE THIS MUCH, JUST HANG IT UP NOW…. Gotta love us lazy humans.  Just how little exercise, how little we have to exert and how infrequent do we have to exercise and still get a benefit? Not that I advocate hanging out of the bottom of the bell curve, but in this study participants […]

Proton-Pump Inhibitors and Heart Disease

3RD LEADING CLASS OF MEDICATION LINKED TO HEART DISEASE? Given my understanding of human physiology, I consider the act of digestion and assimilation of nutrients to be one of the most important things that our bodies do.  Off the top of my head, I can list at least 10 things that stomach acid is absolutely […]

What to do Before Your Cardiac Procedure – Mesa AZ Chiropractor

The CT scans to look at the blood vessels of the heart have come a long way since being first introduced.  While this procedure is not good to screen everyone in the general public just to satisfy a curiosity of how your coronary blood vessels look, when used in patients at intermediate risk and having […]