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Gotta love us lazy humans.  Just how little exercise, how little we have to exert and how infrequent do we have to exercise and still get a benefit?

Not that I advocate hanging out of the bottom of the bell curve, but in this study participants did short bursts on an exercise bike.

How long?

30 seconds each.

Just how many?

4-6 sets.

How many days per week?


For those of you who excel at math, this is 9 minutes per week.

9 measly minutes.  The improvements were actually quite dramatic.  The research is continuing to disprove the “50 minute aerobic” model of exercise and moving towards a short-burst type of style.

I definitely think this is more of what our bodies were designed for.  Seriously…name an animal our ancestors would have pursued for 45 minutes or an animal we would’ve evaded at a sprint for 45 minutes.  Think you could go 45 mins running from a Sabre toothed tiger or a bear?  Think you could track an antelope for 45 minutes?

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