Whoohoo! Best News of the Year for Your Brain!!

Ok..we may be jumping the gun because this is a rat study (here is a study PETA can’t complain about!).  But hey…if it turns out to not work in humans are you really going to go stamping angrily to the authors and complain? Despite the old adage about losing brain cells in college, our brains really do […]

What’s the ONE Thing You Can Do to Live Longer?

It’s NOT taking that brand new supplement that promises youthful looking skin or memory or will give you “youthful” performance in the bedroom (wink, wink…). Nope.  It’s just simple exercise. Nothing will keep you younger longer than exercise.  And not soup-cans-sitting-on-a chair-exercise, either.  I always defer to Jack LaLane as an example of what “exercise” […]

But I Avoid White Flour and Sugar–Isn’t That Enough?

I can honestly say that it is very rare that patients truly understand what a refined carb is and how bad it is for health. Which is disturbing considering that refined carbs are known to increase the risk of pretty much every chronic disease known to man.  Regardless of what color it is, if a product […]

Low T Symptoms – Is This the REAL Answer for a Cure?

Low T syndrome. Low testosterone. Male sexual dysfunction. Doesn’t matter what you call it, I couldn’t be more against the use of testosterone replacement. Much to my chagrin, I hear a local clinic advertising on the radio station we have playing at the office several times per day. What I find interesting about this clinic’s […]

Aging and Muscle Mass: Is There Really a Fountain of Youth?

As we age, the biggest challenge to quality of life and mobility is the loss of muscle mass. Although diet, inflammation and adequate protein intake is important, exercise is the strongest tool against the age related loss of muscle mass (a term referred to as sacropenia). For some reason though, the general population just doesn’t […]