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Anti-Inflammatories lead to Alzheimer’s? ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES LIKE IBUPROFEN LEADS TO ALZHEIMER’S?  Is it just me, are has there been a deluge of research looking at all the bad side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs?  We’ve always known that they lead to kidney and liver problems, as well as destruction of the joints that most people are taking […]

Whoohoo! Best News of the Year for Your Brain!!

Ok..we may be jumping the gun because this is a rat study (here is a study PETA can’t complain about!).  But hey…if it turns out to not work in humans are you really going to go stamping angrily to the authors and complain? Despite the old adage about losing brain cells in college, our brains really do […]

Will That Cup of Coffee Protect My Brain?

I’m not sure where along the process caffeine got such a bad rap.  I continue to see suggestions to avoid caffeinated products like coffee and tea. I can understand if someone has adrenal fatigue and needs an IV directly from the coffee pot just to get started in the AM, but other than that the […]

Does My Brain Really Have to go as I get Older?

It seems like just about every third person has Alzheimer’s these days, or at least has a parent that has been diagnosed.  Makes it seem pretty dismal for the future. Research into medications to help curb the progression is on every research budget.  But every shining star in the research has fallen flat and many […]