Can Artificial Lighting Raise Blood Pressure?

As a way of background, asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) is nitric oxide’s (NO) arch enemy.  NO is a small molecule that helps blood vessels relax, leading to a lower blood pressure. Just in case you think you’ve never heard of something like this concept before, Viagra works by affecting NO levels.  So, higher levels of ADMA will […]

Calcium Channel Blockers Increase Heart Failure Risk

ANOTHER DRUG FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE INCREASES RISK OF DEATH?? Seriously.  First we see a meta analysis several years back of 95,000 patients on beta blockers that had increased risk of diabetes and stroke and no lowered risk of death.  Now, in a review of almost 157,000 patients (that’s a big review, by the way) […]

Blood Pressure and Brain Shrinkage in Diabetes; My Numbers are “Under Control”

Man do I hate that phrase, yet I hear it all the time. Mainstream medicine has created a false sense of safety that is merely an illusion. I have certainly talked about the use of surrogate end markers in previous articles, but I’ll refresh your memory here. A surrogate end marker is a value (like […]

Lawsuits Allege Conspiracy in Ritalin Use – (10-19-00)

Lawsuits Allege Conspiracy in Ritalin Use There is no question that our children are over-medicated, but this lawsuit raises some very important questions as to the “creation” of a new behavioural disorder. (article) Novartis AG is denying allegations that the company conspired with the American Psychiatric Association to create the disease known as attention deficit […]