Are Your Cooking Pans Damaging Your Child’s Health?

You know those wonderful, non-stick pans that you love so well?  I hope you realize that many of today’s “conveniences” like non-stick cookware come with a price beyond the initial purchase. The wonderful Teflon that keeps all your foods from sticking to the pan is no exception.  The chemical compounds typically found in non-stick cookware include […]

Taking Drugs for Cholesterol Issues? Maybe Medication Started the Problem

Cholesterol lowering drugs seem to have lost some of their luster. Can’t say I’m disappointed about that little tidbit. Due to staggeringly successful marketing efforts on the part of the drug companies (most notably Pfizer for Lipitor), drugs to lower cholesterol became one of the most successful drugs ever produced. Unfortunately, this had little effect […]

Is Soy as Bad for Us as “They” Say?

You know, I read A LOT of medical literature.  Finding negative health effects of soy is actually quite difficult. The evidence on the health of soy is overwhelmingly positive.  There are still oncologists telling their breast cancer patients to avoid soy, despite the fact that it DOUBLES survival rates.  Of course, we are talking about […]

Statins Versus Fast Food; Really an Even Battle?

JUST HOW OFF BASE IS MEDICINE? Keep in mind that this particular article is an editorial.  The author is writing for the British Heart Foundation.  He believes that the use of a statin can zero out the negative health effects of a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a small milkshake. Have we really come so far down […]