Blood Lead, BP, and Hypertension – (03-31-03)

Blood Lead, BP, and Hypertension. Heavy metals are widely overlooked by mainstream medicine despite heavy research into their affects on human health. Here we see links with hypertension. Of additional note on BP is cadmium (found mainly in cigarette smoke) which damages the kidneys and can lead to hypertension. JAMA — Abstracts: Nash et al. […]

How Compliant are You with Your Heart Meds?

Let’s face it.  The general public sucks at taking their meds the way they are supposed to.  But it’s still going to help, right? Studies have shown that upwards of 75% of patients taking medications are not fully compliant.  In other words, the vast majority of medicated patients do not take drugs as prescribed. With this in […]

Are You Following a Low Sodium Diet?

For quite a few years, the general consensus to lower risk of heart disease and hypertension was to stick with a low salt diet. Hopefully you didn’t follow buy into the dogma. I’m not entirely sure where the low sodium hogwash started, but I know why it survived for so long. Mainly because no one got hurt […]

Insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction and essential hypertension – (03-26-01)

Insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction and essential hypertension This study suggests a link between endothelial dysfunction (one of three layers of cells making up the arteries), essential hypertension and insulin resistance. Remember that most cases of high blood pressure are essential/idiopathic, meaning that the cause of the condition is unknown. This study may punch holes in […]

Blood Pressure Meds in Older Adults Kill Quality of Life

Keeping blood pressure under control is a main focus of mainstream medicine, especially as we age. We always use blood pressure medication to achieve this end.  But what if this makes us worse off?? I certainly seem to be on a rampage lately on the issue of blood pressure and blood pressure medications (including a […]