Insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction and essential hypertension – (03-26-01)

Insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction and essential hypertension

This study suggests a link between endothelial dysfunction (one of three layers of cells making up the arteries), essential hypertension and insulin resistance. Remember that most cases of high blood pressure are essential/idiopathic, meaning that the cause of the condition is unknown. This study may punch holes in the name “essential” hypertension. Maybe the name should be switched to “insulin resistance hypertension?” So many disease conditions have been linked to insulin resistance that this link should not be a surprise to anyone. The discouraging fact remains that a large portion of today’s diet consists of processed sugars which undeniably can lead to insulin resistance. And, to top off this, insulin resistance (also termed Syndrome X or Metabolic Syndrome) is a largely unrecognized disease state by most physicians.

Synergy : Journal of Internal Medicine 249 (2), 189-197

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James Bogash

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