Tylenol and IBUPROFEN – Joint Pain Chiropractor Mesa AZ

IBUPROFEN’S BAD FOR THE HEART, SO I’LL JUST SWITCH TO TYLENOL, RIGHT?  Ironically, I just had a patient come in that had concerns over declining kidney function.  The thing that likely contributed to his problem is the use of Tylenol PM to help him sleep.  It is commonly accepted that if something is over the […]

Want to Feel Better About Dying?

YOUR HEART HEALTH IS GOING DOWNHILL, BUT YOU’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT IT.  Actually, according to some recent very large studies, only about 2% better over placebo…  The bottom line is that anytime we alter physiology with a foreign compound there is a price to be paid.  While a drug may focus on a single enzyme, […]

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Anti-Inflammatories lead to Alzheimer’s? ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES LIKE IBUPROFEN LEADS TO ALZHEIMER’S?  Is it just me, are has there been a deluge of research looking at all the bad side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs?  We’ve always known that they lead to kidney and liver problems, as well as destruction of the joints that most people are taking […]