Want to Feel Better About Dying?

YOUR HEART HEALTH IS GOING DOWNHILL, BUT YOU’LL FEEL BETTER ABOUT IT.  Actually, according to some recent very large studies, only about 2% better over placebo…  The bottom line is that anytime we alter physiology with a foreign compound there is a price to be paid.  While a drug may focus on a single enzyme, […]

Serotonin, SSRIs and Depression; The Myth Behind the Marketing

If you go into your PCP’s office and mention that you’ve been feeling down there’s a good chance you’re going to get a prescription for a SSRI. SSRI stands for Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor.  This is a class of drugs that slows the brain cell’s ability to pick up the hormone serotonin that your brain […]

Have a Skinny Friend? Maybe You Should Borrow Some of This

Obesity and weight loss are complicated issues. It’s no longer about calories in versus calories out. In a prior article I wrote about the contributions of environmental chemicals to obesity and diabetes.  And this contribution is not a small one.  You can read more about this relationship by clicking here. Certainly the quality of the […]

Anxiety, Antibiotics And Gut Flora

IS YOUR ANXIETY / STRESS CAUSED BY ANTIBIOTICS? It would not be the first time that I’ve posted about just how important the bacteria in our gut is.  I just hope that you understand just how critically important the presence of friendly bacteria in our gut is.  This is exponentially more important as newborns, infants, […]

Second Hand Smoke and Your Child’s Mental Health

WILL THIS GET YOU TO QUIT SMOKING? We all know that smoking is bad for us, and yet this alone is not enough to make us quit.  Somehow, we all think we will escape the near certainty that smoking will cause a slow, painful, medically-ridden premature death.  Statistically, it is much like playing video games […]