Ibuprofen Increases Stroke Risk

Ibuprofen Increases Stroke Risk COMMON OVER THE COUNTER DRUG FAR MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANYONE THINKS.  Your back or neck are a little sore after doing some yardwork this weekend.  Just pop a few ibuprofen and everything will be fine.  Better yet, saunter on over to the neighbor who had back surgery a few months ago […]

Do Migraines Increase Your Risk of Dying?

Let me clarify this once more.  Those experiencing migraines have something wrong with their physiology that just so happens to manifest as headaches. The headaches are the downstream consequence of the problem, and are NOT the problem itself.  So to fix the problem, you need to look upstream and fix what is wrong.  If you […]

Migraines Have Potentially Deadly Consequences

I frequently have patients tell me that this or that condition is “under control” with medication.  As a society we have been completely duped into this type of thinking. Migraines are no exception. Regardless of whether someone is medicated or not, the fact that they are having migraines means that something is wrong.  Merely the […]