Info on Heart Failure Your Cardiologist Probably Doesn’t Know

Heart disease remains the biggest killer in the Western world. This is despite billions of dollars pumped into this condition. Billions of dollars into research, drug development, drug use and cardiology procedures. And yet, all we have to show for it is a slight reduction in deaths from heart disease, but an increasing number of […]

Billion Year Old Treatment Effective for Colic?

I’ve grilled in the idea that the bacteria in our body is not always detrimental and should not be wantonly destroyed with antibiotics. Quite the opposite–when healthy bacterial flora is present our bodies benefit.  And the list of benefits is quite long and includes pretty much any condition or disease that the human body can […]

Taking Drugs for Cholesterol Issues? Maybe Medication Started the Problem

Cholesterol lowering drugs seem to have lost some of their luster. Can’t say I’m disappointed about that little tidbit. Due to staggeringly successful marketing efforts on the part of the drug companies (most notably Pfizer for Lipitor), drugs to lower cholesterol became one of the most successful drugs ever produced. Unfortunately, this had little effect […]

Looking for a Healthy Pregnancy? Need to do this First

I know that regular readers will be a little sick of hearing this, but at some point medicine needs to understand the dangers of antibiotics. It seems that the tide is turning, but few still understand just how massively broad-reaching the effects of the bacterial flora of the human body are. And antibiotics just absolutely […]

Why Are There Bacteria in Our Intestinal Tract?

This concept, beyond all others, seems to be incredibly difficult for mainstream medicine to grasp.  We continue to use antibiotics like candy with no thought whatsoever to the destruction of a bacterial presence that has been hundreds of thousands of years in the development. In hunter-gatherer days, our exposure to soil dwelling bacteria was very common, […]