Billion Year Old Treatment Effective for Colic?

I’ve grilled in the idea that the bacteria in our body is not always detrimental and should not be wantonly destroyed with antibiotics. Quite the opposite–when healthy bacterial flora is present our bodies benefit.  And the list of benefits is quite long and includes pretty much any condition or disease that the human body can […]

Surprising Finding on Newborn Acid Reflux: Be Very Scared About Prilosec

Parents of newborns are always worried about their little one. But this can lead to misguided trust in the wrong pediatrician if the little one is sick. Excessive spitting up, crying after eating and refusing to eat can all be symptoms of what may be diagnosed as infant reflux.  The less wary pediatrician, if symptoms […]

4 Infant Feeding Problems Solved Easily

I usually note that most doctors are decades behind the medical research and it is always the patient that suffers.  Pediatricians seem to be the worst of the bunch when it comes to common infant problems. Of course, I AM generalizing here based on feedback from patients as well as the recommendations that parents are […]

Will Your Infant Develop Migraines? 2 Things to Look For

My near-mantra is that migraines are not a problem in the head. Rather, these headaches are a sign that something is wrong with your overall health. The evidence supporting this position is plentiful and some of this research can be found in a recent blog post that refers to migraines as a “progressive brain disorder.” […]