Critical Links Between Sleep Apnea, Deep Sleep and Dementia

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on dementia research annually. While many may not like my opinion, I think we’re throwing this money away. To date, we have had very little in the way of a “cure.”  The research dollars continue to hit dead ends. Here’s the problem.  By the time that someone is […]

4 Hours Less Sleep = Prediabetes

SLEEP RESTRICTION LEADS TO COMMON DISEASE. OK…I have to say that I practice everything that I preach, but my only weakness is getting enough sleep.  Being an information junkie, it’s hard to shut the brain off and get to bed at a decent hour.  But looking at this article it really makes me reconsider an […]

Natural Remedies for Seizure Control: You Haven’t Heard This

I’ve been reviewing research related to seizure control and brain health for many years now through the lens of natural medicine. I still remember being in a consult with an epileptic patient with a very well-known neurologist to discuss natural methods to help control seizures.  Despite this particular neurologist’s association with one of the top […]