Dangers of Fertility Treatment- 2 Scary Facts for the Child

I can understand the incredible desire to start a family and the frustration associated with infertility. For this reason, I do truly believe that fertility specialists and fertility treatments have a place in society.  However, as I have written about before, these “specialists” do nothing more than force fertility on a woman’s body that is […]

Risk of Knee Ligament Injury Tied to Ovulation – (08-27-01)

Risk of Knee Ligament Injury Tied to Ovulation I thought this article was interesting in that it related hormonal fluctuations with risk of ligamentous injuries. The idea that hormones change ligaments is by no means new–relaxin is secreted during pregnancy to allow the pubic symphysis to stretch and allow passage of the newborn through the […]

Prevalence and Features of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – (06-18-04)

Prevalence and Features of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome This article suggests a prevalence as high as 8% of PCOS which puts it as the most common endocrine abnormality of reproductive aged women in the US. PCOS has been linked very strongly to insulin resistance. This link seems to come from elevated insulin affecting 15,20 lyase, […]


Does Metformin Improve Clinical Features of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? This is a Cochrane Collaboration review of the medical literature and the bottom line is that metformin (a drug that increases insulin resistance) is an effective first line approach to anovulation in PCOS. I’m not entirely convinced that managing insulin resistance is being used clinically, however, […]


Clomid vs Metformin as the First-Line Treatment for Ovulation Induction in Nonobese Anovulatory Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Here’s the deal.  I personally think most, if not all, cases of PCOS are related to insulin resistance.  Most likely via high insulin levels inhibiting 15,20 lyase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, so testosterone levels […]