Clomid vs Metformin as the First-Line Treatment for Ovulation Induction in Nonobese Anovulatory Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Here’s the deal.  I personally think most, if not all, cases of PCOS are related to insulin resistance.  Most likely via high insulin levels inhibiting 15,20 lyase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, so testosterone levels rise and inhibit ovulation.  So, really, the PCOS is just one other symptoms of a time bomb ticking in your body.

What do we do in mainstream medicine?  Diffuse the time bomb?  Of course not.  We ignore it and look at the more important issue–what to due with all that pesky smoke coming off the fuse.  So ob/gyns ignore the insulin resistance and try to force ovulation with Clomid.  Should be malpractice, but unfortunately is the standard of care.

So this study looks at using Metformin (not at all my preferred method for insulin resistance treatment) vs Clomid and finds that actually treating the underlying problem (what an innovative approach!!!) results in much better results.  Don’t expect change anytime soon though…

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James Bogash

For more than a decade, Dr. Bogash has stayed current with the medical literature as it relates to physiology, disease prevention and disease management. He uses his knowledge to educate patients, the community and cyberspace on the best way to avoid and / or manage chronic diseases using lifestyle and targeted supplementation.