You Don’t Need a Flu Vaccination

MAYBE IF WE REALLY STRETCH THINGS WE CAN SCARE THE PUBLIC ON THE FLU.  The number of annual flu deaths in the US most often thrown around is 30,000.  Wow.  That’s a lot of deaths!  (not nearly on the magnitude of smoking, obesity and prediabetes, however).  30,000 deaths should be scary enough to get everyone […]

Our Government was Swindled by Tamiflu and Roche

It all starts with fear. When it comes to health, we are not ruled by science and wise financial decisions. When it comes to the flu, apparently it is not just the general public that gets manipulated, but the manipulating government itself. I’m not usually one to scream about government conspiracies and control, but when […]

How Much Vitamin D Do I Need to Take to Stop Infections?

Before we answer to question of how much, we should probably look at whether or not vitamin D can help with infections in the first place. While vitamin D supplementation has been attributed to any number of health effects, there are a few situation where vitamin D seems to shine. This includes long term (10 […]