You Don’t Need a Flu Vaccination

MAYBE IF WE REALLY STRETCH THINGS WE CAN SCARE THE PUBLIC ON THE FLU.  The number of annual flu deaths in the US most often thrown around is 30,000.  Wow.  That’s a lot of deaths!  (not nearly on the magnitude of smoking, obesity and prediabetes, however).  30,000 deaths should be scary enough to get everyone […]

Do Antacids Cause Allergies?

DO ULCER DRUGS CONTRIBUTE TO ALLERGIES? I’ve always had major issues with drugs that bring digestion to a screeching halt.  Now, if someone has a bleeding ulcer this class of drugs can save a life.  Short of that, stopping digestion is horrendously bad for your health.  I can tick off at least 10 processes that […]

The Western lifestyle is a major contributing factor to many chronic, degenerative diseases – (04-24-00)

The Western lifestyle is a major contributing factor to many chronic, degenerative diseases Africa Proposed as ‘Laboratory’ for Study of Prevalence of Childhood Asthma The experience in Africa seems to support the hypothesis that the trend toward urbanization is an important factor in the increasing prevalence of childhood asthma in the developed world, according to […]

Insights into Dairy Allergy: Microenvironment Matters

Insights into milk protein allergy: Microenvironment matters. This is an interesting article that delves a little deeper into the immunology between cow’s milk allergy. Essentially, in milk allergic subjects, their T cells (a portion of the immune system known as cell-mediated immune) produce cytokines (chemical messengers that tell other cells what to do) consistent with […]

Holy Sinus Infection Batman! You’ve GOT to Read This!!

Sinus problem, allergies and asthma are the bane of many peoples’ existence. Too often, this results in the knee-jerk antibiotic prescription and steroids. These conditions can be incredibly challenging to deal with from a functional medicine standpoint because, all too often, the problem stems back to immune development in the first 2 years of life. […]