Insights into Dairy Allergy: Microenvironment Matters

Insights into milk protein allergy: Microenvironment matters.
This is an interesting article that delves a little deeper into the immunology between cow’s milk allergy. Essentially, in milk allergic subjects, their T cells (a portion of the immune system known as cell-mediated immune) produce cytokines (chemical messengers that tell other cells what to do) consistent with a Th2 profile. In English, exposure to milk in suseptable individuals causes cells of their immune system to produce more cells that create allergic symptoms. Even with all this knowledge, food allergy still remains a very uncommon approach to addressing allergic and asthmatic patients. Avoidance of common allergens (cow’s milk, corn, wheat, soy) should be the first approach to any patient with allergies or asthma.
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James Bogash

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