Lipitor and Crestor are Associated with Cancer

LIPITOR, CRESTOR USE ASSOCIATED WITH CANCER.  Somehow, some way, mainstream medicine has become enamored with this class of drugs called statins.  We hand them out like candy to patients with high cholesterol, despite the fact that the research on their effectiveness, quite frankly, sucks.  There has even been some talk about using them to lower […]

Stem Cell Chiropractor Mesa AZ

Bad Choices Lead To All Diseases SO, YOU KNOW THAT BLOCKAGE IN YOUR HEART WE FOUND?  IT GETS WORSE….  I’ve often wondered if I should start a radio show.  But upon deeper reflection, I realized that after about a week I would begin to sound like a broken record.  Caller:  I want to avoid heart […]

Preventing Breast Cancer

PLANNING ON GETTING PREGNANT?  THINK AHEAD TO AVOID BREAST CANCER.  When it comes to stopping breast cancer, some solutions are obvious (exercise, more fruits and veggies, less animal saturated fat, more healthy oils, less stress), but others are not so clear.  In this case, it is up to the national organizations (ACS, Komen) to get […]

What is the True Cause of Cancer?

IS THIS THE TRUE CAUSE OF CANCER?  I was at a meeting recently with a representative of a new cancer center coming to Phoenix and she noted that there were at least 100 different types of known cancers.  I haven’t really looked too hard into how many cancer types there are because it’s irrelevant to […]

Simple Life Changes Can Make A Big Difference In Your Life

WE KNOW IT WORKS, SO WHY DON’T WE DO IT?  I’m looking for feedback from anyone who comes across this post.  Much more often than not, patients do not follow the obvious recommendations to make some simple dietary change or increase their activity levels.  This is yet another study in a very long list of […]