The Link between Selenium and Chemoprevention: A Case for Selenoproteins

I know I covered this article in the last Updates, but just the other day I had a patient come in who had had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis–an autoimmune condition where the body attacks its own thyroid gland–and underwent typical medical treatment which is to get rid of the thyroid via surgery or radioactive ablation. Kind of like if you had gang members shooting little old ladies–just pack up all the old ladies and take them to south Florida. The problem here is that a large chunk of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis may have their symptoms caused by either low selenium or an allergy to gluten containing grains.

This article illustrates one of the major shortcomings of mainstream medicine’s approach to disease. Destroy or cover up the symptom while allowing the underlying process that created it to continue. So, if this patient is deficient in selenium, this current article would also suggest that she has a reduced ability to fight off cancer. Do you think this was including in the surgeon’s informed consent to the patient?

The Link between Selenium and Chemoprevention: A Case for Selenoproteins — Diwadkar-Navsariwala and Diamond 134 (11): 2899 -..

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James Bogash

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