Increased Use of Second-Generation Macrolide Antibiotics for Children

Quite often, I am asked why much of the research does not make it into the hands of clinicians. Sometimes this disparity and transgression is so egregious to be considered malpractice. The issue of using antibiotics when the research is actually AGAINST their use is a perfect example.

The only answer that makes any sense is that many physicians do not read their own journals. There is no other answer that makes sense, but I would welcome any other answer that would not be as scary. That being said, the issue of antibiotic overuse always talks about the bad, bad situation of antibiotic resistance, but never addresses the REAL issue of destroying normal flora and disrupting all the positive health benefits they provide.

Increased Use of Second-Generation Macrolide Antibiotics for Children in Nine Health Plans in the United States — Stille et ..


This is an editiorial talking about the serious overuse for ear infections, but what the heck!! Who’s going to read it anyway??

Otitis, Antibiotics, and the Greater Good — Rosenfeld 114 (5): 1333 — Pediatrics –

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James Bogash

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