Treatment of Epilepsy in Women – (01-29-04)

Updates on the Treatment of Epilepsy in Women

The topic of seizures hits close to home for me. My wife had experienced several seizures several years ago. All her contact with mainstream medicine strongly urged anti-epileptic medication. This included a “well-known and respected” neurologist. There was NEVER any consideration that medication was not the answer. A little thought process and recollection strongly tied aspartame to her symptoms. No Nutrisweet – no seizures. To think that the doctors wanted to put her on a medication with potentially devastating side effects for a condition that was related to one initiating factor I would consider at best ignorance and apathy, at worst malpractice.

Arch Intern Med — Abstracts: Tatum et al. 164 (2): 137 –

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James Bogash

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