Conceptual Foundations of the UCSD Statin Study – (01-29-04)

Conceptual Foundations of the UCSD Statin Study

Okay, well, that’s wonderful. The #1 prescribed drug in the US and we need “a strong need for randomized controlled trial data to more clearly establish the impact of hydrophilic and lipophilic statins on cognition, aggression, and serotonin, as well as on other measures relevant to risks and quality-of-life impact in noncardiac domains.” Does no one think this information should already be known????

Holy cow. Those on these meds should run to their medicine cabinet and look on the side of the label. Does it read “we are clueless as to what this drug may do to your brain, but there are suggestions that negative effects occur, but don’t let that worry you–go ahead and take as recommended.” Remember stuff like this when medicine requires randomized, double blind placebo controlled studies of natural approaches.

Arch Intern Med — Abstracts: Golomb et al. 164 (2): 153 –

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