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CAN STRESS DESTROY OUR JOINTS?  Catecholamines are hormones released by the adrenal glands, the most recognized of which is adrenaline.  Looking at the article, it suggests that catecholamines might have some pretty potent anti-inflammatory effects and may always be at work controlling inflammation within a joint.  However, in the initial stages of joint degeneration there is a loss of the signals from the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system and the body tries to adapt local production of catecholamines in the joint itself.  Basically, the nerves fail and then the cells in the joint themselves try to pick up the slack.  This likely fails with time and leads to exhaustion of these local cells.  To me, it would suggest that, once you’re late in the process of arthritis, nothing’s likely to help.  BUT, early on, adrenal support might be a very good thing.  This also suggests that stress, which depletes the adrenal glands, may directly affect the process of osteoarthritis.  Could adrenal support supplements help in the early stages of arthritis??  Good question…

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James Bogash

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