Drug Treatment for Depression “Bad to the Bone?”

The understanding of the relationship between bone, the gut and diabetes has had exponential gains in the past few years.

Heck–just the fact that there IS a relationship is new news.  For pretty much forever, we have viewed bone as a static tissue that holds stuff up and a place to attach muscles to.  But every system in our body connects and has an impact on every other system; bone is no exception.

We cannot treat “systems” in a bubble and not expect to have an impact on other systems.  In this particular review, authors look at the relationship between serotonin and bone health.

Two-thirds of the body’s serotonin is produced not in the brain, but in the gut.   Higher stress (poor digestion, drugs that increase serotonin levels like the SSRIs, etc…) will actually damage bone growth.  Stress out the gut, produce more serotonin, and you’ll have less bone.

James Bogash

For more than a decade, Dr. Bogash has stayed current with the medical literature as it relates to physiology, disease prevention and disease management. He uses his knowledge to educate patients, the community and cyberspace on the best way to avoid and / or manage chronic diseases using lifestyle and targeted supplementation.