Prevalence of Prostate Cancer among Men – (07-02-04)

Prevalence of Prostate Cancer among Men with a PSA Equal or less than 4.0 ng/ml

Remember studies like this when the American Cancer Society puts out their propaganda about “prevention” of prostate cancer by getting your PSA levels checked. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY, 100% NOT PREVENTION!! And this study proves it yet again. The PSA levels in 15% patients with prostate cancer in this study were normal. To me, this means that the PSA is not effective in identifying prostate cancer.

Now, I do feel it can be used as a baseline that can then be checked in subsequent years for changes. In summary–prevention via good diet, lots of lycopene containing fruits, high intakes of cruciferous veggies to modulate the breakdown of estrogen (yes..I said estrogen) and maintenance of a healthy body weight.

NEJM — Prevalence of Prostate Cancer among Men with a Prostate-Specific Antigen Level <=4.0 ng per Milliliter –

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James Bogash

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