Mushroom-derived protein inhibits development of food-allergic reactions in mice

I realize the title to this one is a little daunting, but the concepts are very important. The rates of atopic disorders and asthma are climbing, for reasons covered many times in past Research Updates (vaccines, sterile lifestyle, killing off probiotics…). While prevention of these conditions is important, it is nice to know we are finding ways to “fix” the imbalance of Th1/Th2 cytokines. This mouse study finds that an extract of mushroom has the potential to shift away from the Th2 dominant profile of atopic/asthmatic patients. Zinc is another nutrient that plays a key role in this important balance.

Oral administration of an edible-mushroom-derived protein inhibits the development of food-allergic reactions in mice – Clin ..

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James Bogash

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