Metformin on Early Pregnancy Loss in the Polycystic Ovary – (02-11-02)

Metformin on Early Pregnancy Loss in the Polycystic Ovary

I think this is somewhat of a landmark article. Not that the concepts are, but to see them all together is always exciting. A few interesting things here. First, using metformin, which increases insulin sensitivity, can dramatically drop the risk of miscarriage in patients with PCOS. PCOS has been linked strongly with hyperinsulinemia and this would be a natural progression from there. Interestingly, the standard OB/GYN approach the PCOS is the birth control pill, which is well documented to increase insulin resistance. Go figure that one out!! And, of course, instead of metformin I would rather see a program of exercise, whole grain instead of refined carb intake, and supplementation with chromium, vanadium and possibly CLA.

JCEM — Abstracts: Jakubowicz et al. 87 (2): 524

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James Bogash

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