Incidence of High-Strain Patterns in Human Coronary Arteries – (06-18-04)

Incidence of High-Strain Patterns in Human Coronary Arteries–Assessment With Three-Dimensional Intravascular Palpography and Correlation With Clinical Presentation

I thought this was interesting. We are starting to get pretty ingenious with our cardiovascular imaging (and opening up cans of worms in regards to exactly how well we are really “treating” CVD). With this type of ultrasound imaging the physician can actually tell if the plaque is deformable or not. The deformable plaques are much more likely to rupture and lead to heart attacks. Interestingly, these plaques also correlated with CRP levels.

Circulation — Abstracts: Schaar et al. 109 (22): 2716 –

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James Bogash

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