Inactivated Intranasal Flu Vaccine and Risk of Bell’s Palsy – (03-22-04)

Inactivated Intranasal Flu Vaccine and Risk of Bell’s Palsy

For those of you unfamiliar with Bell’s Palsy, it is paralysis of the facial nerve which results in one half of the face drooping. This damage can be permanent in some instances. Usually takes several months to resolve. Here we have a vaccine for the flu–which, unless you are immunocomprimised in some way I cannot see the rationale for getting–gives you a 19 times greater risk of developing Bell’s Palsy.

For those of you really interested, I have included a piece done prior to release of the vaccine, when the manufacturer was aware of an increased risk of Bell’s Palsy but downplayed the risk to the FDA. Some much for government agencies protecting the public…

NEJM — Use of the Inactivated Intranasal Influenza Vaccine and the Risk of Bell’s Palsy in Switzerland.

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