How different food effect levels of inflammation? – (04-08-04)

Increase in intranuclear nuclear factor kappa B and decrease in inhibitor kappa B in mononuclear cells after a mixed meal: evidence for a proinflammatory effect

Sorry for the long title–I left it that way for effect. This is something that we need to come to grips with and understand. The food we put in our bodies is not just carbs, protein and fat–it is composed of hundreds of messages that tell our genes how to react. Next time you’re about to shove that double quarter pound burger with all the fixins into your mouth, think the message all these molecules will send to your genes.

This article focuses on another fact of meals–they tend to be proinflammatory in nature. Eating actually raises your level of inflammation. The question here, however, is do different foods have differing effects on level of inflammation produced? I would postulate that it does.

AJCN — Abstracts: Aljada et al. 79 (4): 682  –

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James Bogash

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