High levels of olive oil, can help protect the LDL – (04-08-04)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Biophenols Inhibit Cell-Mediated Oxidation of LDL

Two comments here. First, I frequently remind patients that LDL cholesterol by itself does not cause damage. It only causes damage to our blood vessels after IT gets damaged. So, protecting that LDL is very important. Lifestyles that include high levels of antioxidants, and now, with this study, high levels of olive oil, can help protect the LDL and prevent it from leading to atherosclerosis. Second comment, the closer the olive oil is to fresh off the tree, the more antioxidants the olive oil contains. So always go for the extra extra cold pressed virgin, unless you plan on cooking with it in which case it doesn’t matter because the heat will destroy the antioxidants.

Nutrition.org — Abstracts: Masella et al. 134 (4): 785 –

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James Bogash

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