Have I Mentioned that Prediabetes is Bad for the Heart?

I have said before that, from my standpoint, diabetes and heart disease are the same thing. Seventy percent of diabetics die of cardiovascular causes.   Almost all heart disease sufferers have some trace of diabetes or prediabetes.  The lifestyle changes that impact one impact the other, both negative and protective. In the medical research over […]

Are Public Health Recommendations Increasing the Risk of Diabetes?

You will find that most who understand physiology and stay current with the medical literature are no fans of dairy products for multiple reasons. It’s a common allergen.  It has been linked to type 1 diabetes.  It is mucous forming and contributes to ear infections in children. And there really are no benefits, despite what […]

So I’m Prediabetic. Does This Mean I’ll Get Diabetes?

First of all, let me stress again that probably HALF of you reading this are prediabetic. High cholesterol, low HDL, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, ringing in the ears, gallbladder problems, abdominal obesity, gout, skin tags…the list of problems associated with being prediabetic is quite extensive. One of these is bad enough, but what if you […]

Prediabetes Makes Your Brain Fat

I have forever been preaching on just how incredibly dangerous prediabetes is to pretty much every organ system in your body. The disturbing fact is that over HALF of the industrialized world is prediabetic.  The prediabetic condition is largely ignored by mainstream medicine until it crosses that magical point and earns the name diabetes. Because prediabetes has already been […]