A Diabetic’s Dinner

Mesa AZ Chiropractic SO WHAT SHOULD BE ON A DIABETIC’S PLATE FOR DINNER?  There have been many studies supporting the idea that a good, healthy breakfast (NOT oatmeal, NOT Cheerios, NOT yogurt; rather high fiber >8 grams or protein based like real peanut butter or veg-a-fed eggs) helps to lower caloric intake throughout the rest of […]

Vitamin B6 and Lung Cancer

COMMON VITAMIN SLASHES RATES OF CERTAIN TYPE OF CANCER There has been much controversy lately over whether or not to supplement with B vitamins.  Do they help with heart disease?  Stroke?  Colon cancer?  The answers are not always clear.  In this particular study, researchers found that rates of lung cancer for those with the highest […]

The Dangers of Antibiotics: Surprising Risk for Colon Cancer

  Although I’ve said it before, let me make it unquestionably clear; the use of antibiotics in conditions that are not immediately life-threatening are destroying your health far more then you can possibly imagine. The list of chronic diseases associated with altered bacterial flora in the gut is extensive.  So extensive that they may play […]

Colon Cancer Rates; The Good News and the Very Bad

  A diagnosis of cancer of any type is a universal fear.  And the rates of all cancers continue to increase. This is almost exclusively due to the toxic, sedentary lifestyle society seems so stuck in.  While many belief that genetics plays a role, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  There are few cases […]