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Lipo laser prices

Treatment sessions last 20 minutes and you just need to expose the body region you would like treated.While the abdominal region is likely to demonstrate the best results (this is the region of fat that generates the most inflammation), the chin, arms, thighs and buttocks can also be treated. For the best results, you need to exercise vigorously within 24 hours after each session. For those who are not able to exercise (knee pain, low back pain, etc…), whole body vibrationpackages are available to go along with your laser lipo sessions. A 5 session package is $40.

  • Laser lipo procedures are $90 / session


For those of you looking to make your laser lipo program a part of significant changes in your health, you can couple this with our weight loss program as well for the best results.

Are you a chiropractor, aesthetician or cosmetologist?  Contact us about becoming a referral partner and complimentary laser lipo packages.

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